4 October 2021


Lucca, 13-15 October 2021
MIAC, Stand 41

We’re gearing up for MIAC and look forward to seeing you there.
22 September 2021

The format changeover “which doesn’t exist”

Lucca, 21 September 2021

Matteo Giardini, Plusline Business Development Director, presents the format changeover “which doesn’t exist”.
10 March 2021

Essel Selüloz | Yöntem Kağıt select Futura and Plusline for converting investment

Lucca, 8 March 2021

Essel Selüloz ve Kağıt A.Ş. and its sister company Yöntem Kağıt Ltd. have ordered two converting lines from Futura and Plusline for plants in Turkey for plants in Turkey, at Çaycuma-Zonguldak and a new facility in Osmaniye.