OVERPACK is the new high-speed automatic bundler for grouping and wrapping toilet rolls and kitchen towel in heat-sealable polyethylene.
Its extreme flexibility allows it to operate with horizontal and vertical cores in multiple configurations, to satisfy all the market’s needs.


Maximum speed: 22 packs per minute
Time required for complete format change: 15-30 minutes depending on configuration
Reel change speed: 3-4 minutes

Capacity range:
Finished pack width: from 300 to 1000 mm
Finished pack length: from 200 to 1200 mm
Finished pack height: from 180 to 500 mm (100 mm is optional)

Polyethylene thickness: 35-70 microns

OVERPACK is the new bundler that allows significant saving of wrapping material with a consequent reduction in production costs and impact on the environment.

In fact, thanks to the optimization of surplus material during sealing and cutting, 33 mm wide compared to the 76 mm standard, OVERPACK allows a reduction of at least 4 cm of polyethylene and polypropylene for each bag produced.

Based on an average production of 20 bags per minute OVERPACK guarantees a saving of thousands of meters of material.